Frequently asked questions


I am not in California. Can you still design my website?

With the ease of communication provided by the Internet, I can easily develop websites for clients anywhere in the world. If you feel comfortable communicating mainly by email, then I can certainly design your website for you.

To get started, you fill out and email a website planning worksheet to provide me with your ideas for your website. I create mockups for you to view via the Internet. You then send me the content for your site by either email or U.S. mail.

Can you write the content for my website?

No one knows your business as well as you do. I have many years of experience as a technical writer and I do provide editing and proofing of content. I can make recommendations of information you should include on your website as well as suggest the best way to present your information.

Can you make it so my website appears in the top 10 of web search results?

Unfortunately, search engine placement is NOT an exact science and no one can guarantee how your website will be placed in the search engine results. There are however website design techniques that can help you place high in search results.

What I will do is work with you to understand your intended audience and work with your content to optimize your website for good placement in the different search engines. This is included in my regular fee for custom website design.

Please note that website optimization for search engine placement is not the same thing as submission to search engines. My services include submission to a few free search engines and I can help you understand other fee-based search engine submissions.