About Mango Sky

Photo of Karene LeesMy name is Karene Lees and I am the owner of Mango Sky. I started working as a freelance Web site designer in October 2000. I have been working in the computer industry since 1984.

My Philosophy

My background is in information communication and user-centered design. Using these skills, I create websites that:

I work closely with each client to produce web sites that uniquely represent the individual business. Each site is completely custom made to meet your requirements.

Where is Mango Sky?

Mango Sky is based in Mountain View, California - in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many of my clients are located in the San Francisco bay area and in Monterey/Carmel. With the ease of communication provided by the Internet, I am happy to serve clients nationwide.

If you would like to discuss your web site ideas, please contact me.